Blogging – One Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online

Blogging – one of the best ways to make money online.

Aside from giving you direct cash through Ad publishing and affiliate marketing, it’s also one of the easiest ways to build a list.

And of course, you know that an email list is an absolute MUST for anyone making money online, even more so for someone who calls themselves an internet marketer.

But what if you want to create niche sites?

Does blogging work then?


Especially with niche sites.

Now comes the kicker…

There are 2 things that blogs must do to be successful:

1. offer fresh content
2. build a list

Offer fresh content so that you attract visitors from your niche market,
then convert those visitors into subscribers so you can communicate with them separate from your blog.

Easy peasy.

Except for those who aren't doing it.

They're either stuck with a blog that's been hit by the many Google updates, is losing traffic daily, and has virtually no new subscribers to their list…


They're stuck on some part of the path to creating a blog – whether it's content, traffic, lead magnets, or getting overwhelmed with all the options and trying to create something complicated when in reality … it is simple.

Not easy, but simple.

Here are two options you can consider:

1.  a blog coaching program that helps you restart your blogging efforts or helps you get started from the beginning and guides you through to the point of making profits from your blog

2. excellent DFY lead magnets that make building a list really easy because you are giving your visitor quality information.

I know where you can get both – and you decide which one will be the one for you.

First, is my own product…a Blog Coaching Program that I developed to help everyone from beginner to experienced to get started and get restarted with their blogging efforts. It's a 12-month program that gives you access afterward for as long as it's available and you want it. You'll get an email loaded with info, access to videos, and entry into a Facebook group where I will cover each month's content and answer questions.

Learn more here: >>>Blog Coaching Program<<<

If you'd like to be an affiliate and sell my blog coaching program, it's through JVZoo and you can ask to be approved by going here:

>>>I Want To Promote Blog Coaching Program<<<

Second, the DFY Lead Magnet…>>>Awesome PLR Lead Magnets<<<

You know about PLR, right? Private Label Rights? It's content that you have the license to use as your own…to change up a bit (which I recommend) so that it reflects your voice/personality, your niche. Check it out – there's some free content there, too, that is just as awesome as the paid!

Okay, that's it for today.

Now go forth and make money online!


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