How’s Your Mindset?

There was a time that I thought internet marketing was sleazy. It was around 2012 or so when I started thinking this.
Yep – when I was teaching/training others to do it. I also owned a digital marketing agency offering small businesses websites and online marketing for a monthly fee. This business was supporting me and my family. But, while I would talk and present and teach and train I was hearing from many people that
SEO was a scam
Email marketing was spam
Anyone who said that making money online was simple was lying.
Yep – I was hearing it (and still do) from people who never did it or who hired someone based on promises but no research or testimonials or knowledge on the buyer's part.
The worst offenders? Those who yelled all this the loudest?
Sellers of Advertising Specialties. Ink pens, notepads, paperweights that had the company logo on them.
But – I heard it enough that I began to doubt my own service offerings.
My clients were small businesses – massage therapist nutrition consultant, manufacturer of plastic wheelchairs, Small Business Development Center, a local cafe/diner, and others. They were making money because their websites were bringing in customers.
Then, after a few months or so, I stopped going to business networking meetings and started hanging out with agency owners. At the time I was hosting a mastermind group for agency owners and invited them all to a small business conference weekend (yep I hosted it in Indianapolis).
I got out of that thinking and back into the thinking that this is the road to financial freedom…for me.
My business grew.
So, what's your mindset?
It's either moving you forward or holding you back.
Your choice.

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