Mythbusters: Duplicate Content Penalty

Here’s the thing – Google isn’t concerned with duplicate content. But don’t take it from me, here is what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say about it.

The real “duplicate content penalty” is copyright law. As long as you are using some kind of duplicate content checker on your curated or “spun” content, you should be fine.

Also, your copy will be pirated. It’s a fact of life. If you’ve got great content, someone is going to cut/paste it and put it on their site without attribution – and guess what? If they don’t live in the same country as you, more than likely, they’ll get away with it. No one has the money needed to pursue everyone who copies your content.

On the flip side, most people just can’t grasp the concept that ideas cannot be copyrighted. This isn’t like a physical product that you can obtain a patent for – and, if you’re a “Shark Tank” aficionado, you know that patents are (once again), difficult and expensive to enforce and you’re going to get knocked off by some third-world country anyway.

It’s OK to curate content, it’s OK to “spin” stories that you read elsewhere. What isn’t cool is just to cut/paste someone else’s article and claim that you wrote it (but, it will still happen). So go ahead, take inspiration for content where you can find it. Take it, add your experience to it, make it your own, you’ll be fine.

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