Resources and Programs

I used to teach and train internet marketing. Did it in person, live, workshops in town in a shared office space. I partnered with a gal who owned her own social media marketing agency and we would tag team – she would teach the soft skills while I taught the tech skills. Blogging – she taught the writing and planning, I taught you how to create a WordPress site in 6 hours. SEO – she taught how to do keyword research, I taught the metadata and backlinking profile. Email Marketing – she taught how to write great, engaging emails, I taught how to create a landing page, install a webform, create an autoresponder using GetResponse and Benchmark Email. We also taught a night class at the University of Louisville, I've been brought in to local university classes to review LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing purposes, and I was the SEO advisor to the Small Business Development Center.

At one time I considered creating my own series of internet marketing online courses. I didn't because it requires that I be up to date on all things online and trust me – there is just too much.

Instead, because I know what to look for and believe that I can guide you well…I prefer to recommend trainings by other people. I do and will offer may own specific coaching programs in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, and likely in one or two other areas. But, until then, here are my recommendations for learning and tools and software:

Coaching and Training

DAB Group Coaching

Taught by Dennis Becker and Barb Ling, to veterans in the online marketing world. Look them up online and you'll see what I mean. Individually they have over 20+ years experience, so combined you know it's awesome. They combine their products with other experts' products in a monthly membership, offer a monthly liveĀ Q&A webinar to answer any question, and will respond to emails. I joined the group coaching program just a month or so ago – to brush up on some things and get a peek at their awesome products. I'll be a life long member. They are that good. Now, having said that, I must warn you that if you are brand new to internet marketing you will be overwhelmed with all they have available. If you take a look and decide to go ahead and do it, but want 1:1 guidance on what they're teaching, feel free to ask me to coach you each month, 1:1, for the same fee you're paying for their training. Total cost will be the equivalent of a single course you would buy online – what you get in one month with their program is the equivalent of 10 courses you would buy online. It's a great deal. Anyway, just email me if you decide you want to discuss.

Affiliate Networks