Traffic is the most important part of any online business

Traffic is the most important part of the entire funnel.

You can have the best looking shop, the most beautiful products, even top-notch customer support, but if you don’t have a sign that leads customers to your doorstep, you will be out of business very quickly.

The same is true for brick & mortar businesses and online businesses.

However, not all traffic is the same.

There’s untargeted traffic, and targeted traffic.

Someone could offer to send 1,000 people to your site for $100.


Who are they?

Are they interested in your product or service?

If they’re random email addresses then the traffic will be untargeted and a waste of your time and money to send them to your site.

How does one find targeted traffic?

You must determine these 3 things:

  1. They are willing to spend money to buy stuff
  2. They like what you are selling
  3. They may or may not buy from you depending on the situation


These are obvious truths, but before you say, “I’ve heard that and know that!” think again!

Freebie seekers are NOT your idea of targeted traffic. After all, we start an Internet marketing business to MAKE MONEY by selling products, otherwise we would be known as an Internet marketing giveaway store.

Secondly, when they are willing to spend money, you have to sell them stuff that they

WANT to buy – don’t sell a steak to a vegetarian.

Lastly, some will buy, some won’t buy … SO WHAT? Even when all the variables are right, some people just won’t buy from you, today … that’s just the way people are!

Some buy when the timing is right. Some prefer to buy right after they get their paycheck. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that these people stay in your pipeline as a potential customer. You just don’t know who might turn out to be a solid buyer one day.

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