Which Niche Is a Good Niche?

Honestly, no one can tell you what niche to choose. Your goals will determine which one is best for you. It is up to you to get good at finding niches that will work well for you. And, at finding niches that will be profitable for you.

But, there are examples of niches that are profitable that can be shared. And, this will help you to get a picture of what you need to look for.

For instance, internet marketing is a niche. Chances are good you knew that and that you’ve heard at least one person say to avoid the internet marketing niche because it’s too saturated.

They’re wrong. Internet marketing is a mega-niche. It is a niche so large that it includes many niches within it. And, as with any mega-niche, you can select a smaller niche to market to, which allows you to go a little deeper with the products you offer.

For instance, let’s say you’re a writer and you want to create products that teach people to learn how to write well. That is a niche that can fit within internet marketing with many sub-niches to choose from. You can target people who want to learn to write so they can make money online. You can target people who want to learn how to write and publish Kindle books.

You can target people who want to learn how to write so they can submit articles to online publications, or have their own blog, or write effective press releases. Pick one and focus your efforts on making it profitable.

Can You Be In More Than One Niche?

As you build your business, you will be spending a lot of time in this niche. You’re going to be very dedicated to your niche, to the people within your niche, and making money with your niche. You will also get bored sometimes.

You will feel stuck. And then you will feel like you’ve done all you can, for now, in a particular niche and be ready to try something new.

The good news is that you can be in more than one niche.

In general, it is a good idea to be involved in more than one niche … over time.

What can happen is simple: the niche you’re targeting is very popular today and this time next year it isn’t so popular. If you are in one niche your profits can dwindle to almost nothing overnight. But, if you’re in multiple niches, that dwindling will be a small hiccup that you can easily get through.

For now, start with one niche and get it going until it is profitable, then begin working on a new niche.

What you don’t want you to do is jump from niche to niche or project to project, without ever finishing anything. Jumping around like that is the single biggest reason why so many people don’t succeed with an online business.

There are a lot of ‘bright shiny objects’ in the online business space with new products and new business models coming out all the time. You see the emails and you’ve gone through the struggle. What’s the answer?

The answer is to turn the noise off. Dedicate yourself to choosing a niche and following through until you complete the project you’ve planned for this niche.

Then, rinse and repeat. There will always be time to add new niches after you follow through with this one. And, once you have a successful online business you know the work involved and are ready to start another online business.

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